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Echo70 Training

Our personalized training is what sets Echo70 apart.

Our training curriculum is designed by an expert in both social media and curriculum design.  We believe that the best training is personalized and provides those being trained with the opportunity to engage with their trainer.

Employee Advocacy

Echo70’s Employee Advocacy Training equips your employees with a set of effective tools, techniques, and strategies to help them amplify your brand while growing their own personal and professional brand in the process.

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Advocacy Support

Echo70’s Advocacy Support Training prepares those who will support your Employee Advocacy efforts by training them on technology and analytics as well as learning how to create Employee First shareable content.

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Social Leadership

Echo70’s Social Leadership Training gets your leadership team ready to lead by example to support your employee’s efforts to become social advocates for your business and grow your brand.

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Personalized Executive Training

Echo70 will work with members of your leadership team in one-on-one sessions, who are looking for a more individualized approach to social leadership training.  Content will be personalized to meet the needs of company leaders.

Personal Branding

  Everyone could use some help crafting their personal brand to reflect their professional voice and goals.  This training will not only teach your employees how to optimize their LinkedIn profile, but to carry their brand identity across all online platforms.

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Julie Fisher, M.Ed.

Julie Fisher, M.Ed.

Co-Founder and Chief Training Officer

Julie has a master’s degree in education, specializing in curriculum and instruction, and has over 25 years experience as a professional educator.

She has been training students, parents, schools, nonprofits, and professionals on all things social media since 2008.  She has trained tens of thousands of people in hundreds of training or educational sessions on topics like:

  • Protecting Your Digital Footprint
  • Maintaining a Professional Personal Brand Online
  • Rules for Employee Advocacy
  • Creating Social Leaders in the Workplace
  • WIIFM: Why Employees Should Want to Share Online
  • The Effect Social Media Can Have on Your Future
  • Risky Online Behavior
  • Social Media Rules and Etiquette
  • Social Media Basic Skills
  • Technology’s Impact on Mental Well-Being
  • Keeping Kids Safe Online

and more…



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