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How do I get my employees to actually participate?

I’ve asked them before and almost nobody does.  

How does Echo70 get my employees on board?

Encouraging participation is a nice start, but success requires that: (1) you train your staff on What’s In It For Me (WIIFM); (2) provide them software that allows 1-click-easy ways to share content to the social media networks that they are on (beyond LinkedIn); and, (3) adapt your content so that they will want to share it.  50% of employees already post online about work.  Echo70 provides you the tools and training to encourage them to do it for you, while protecting your brand.

What are the legal issues regarding employees and Social Media use?

Several federal and state laws that already apply to your business  take on a new significance with social media, for example:  (1) The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires every employee to disclose their employment relationship in EVERY post about your business, whether you’ve asked them to post or not; (2) The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), on the other hand, limits what you may forbid employees from sharing; and, (3) numerous employment laws mandate that employee advocacy be entirely voluntary.  So even if you aren’t currently encouraging your employees to post, they still need training to protect your business.

Can’t I do this myself?

Successful Employee Advocacy involves more than asking your employees to share your business’s content and expecting results.  Employee advocates need: (1) software to make sharing easy, and allow you to measure effectiveness; (2) appealing content that is suited for posting beyond LinkedIn (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube) and adapted with your employees (not your customers in mind; (3) a comprehensive Digital Engagement Policy that sets out the do’s and don’ts; and, (4) expert training on your policies, the law, the software and WIIFM.


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