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Employee Advocacy is the BEST Way to Recruit New Talent

by | Jun 7, 2020

Trouble Recruiting?

Ever wonder why you’re having trouble recruiting the people you really WANT to join your team?  Over 65% of companies say that despite attracting candidates for their positions, they don’t end up with GOOD matches.

Perhaps it’s because the people you’re really looking for, aren’t necessarily looking for a new job, so they aren’t checking job sites or meeting with recruiters. 

If the people you really WANT to hire aren’t actively looking for a new job, how do you reach them to let them know (1) you’re hiring, and (2) you’re a company worth making a move for?

The Solution

Develop an Employee Advocacy program and use your best brand ambassadors (your current employees) as “social recruiters” to lure potential candidates that already exist in their personal social media networks. 

Employee Advocacy is the promotion of a company by its employees who share their support for their employer’s brand, products, services, and culture on their personal social networks.

Your employees can not only provide potential hires with an authentic view into your business and culture, they can also increase brand recognition and sales when they share information about your business with their social media followers.

Employee Advocacy Recruiting Benefits

  • Drive employee referrals from new talent pools
  • Attract a more diverse group of candidates to your company
  • Reduce recruitment costs and drive up retention rates
  • Shortened hiring cycle
  • Drive sustainable business results

Next Steps

Get in touch with Echo70 and we’ll walk you through our personalized approach to Employee Advocacy so you can learn how we can help you help your business grow.

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