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LinkedIn Isn’t the ONLY Place to Post Business Content

by | May 19, 2020

While 97% of business content is created with LinkedIn in mind it ISN’T the social media network where people LIVE online. 

The Numbers

Take a look at the following statistics supporting this assertion:

  • Only 3 million users share content on a weekly basis and LESS THAN HALF of ALL users login once a month, let alone everyday.
  • The average LinkedIn user spends LESS THAN 1 minute per day (17 minutes on the site per MONTH), on the site as opposed to more socially active networks, like Facebook, where the average user spends 58 minutes/day, or Instagram, where users spend an average of 53 minutes/day, or YouTube, where users are active for 40 minutes/day.
  • Only 27% of Americans use LinkedIn (as opposed to 69% of Americans using Facebook) according to Pew in 2019.
  • 70% of LinkedIn members live outside the U.S.
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Employee Advocacy is Your Solution

One of the best ways to reach people where they live online is to use your employees as brand advocates.  Your employees are already using social media and chances are they have a greater ability to expand your reach than you can alone. Using an Employee Advocacy program will allow you to train your employees how to increase your reach professionally while ensuring compliance, improve their own personal brands, and grow your business in a way that’s more organic and authentic. 

Employee-First Content

Even though most content is created with LinkedIn in mind, there are easy fixes to make your content shareable for your employees on the sites where they live when you convert it to Employee-First content (content that your employees will WANT to share that will in fact without being overt, spread your message and expand your brand beyond your website and company social media pages).

Expand Your Reach

If you want to expand your reach, whether you’re using an Employee Advocacy program to spread your message by over 500%, or even if you’re just posting to your company social media sites, you WILL see great social growth when you post where your customers “live”, like on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Get Started

For more information on how to harness the power of your employees on social media to grow your business, get in touch with Echo70 today!

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