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How do You Meet New Customers When No One Can Leave the House?

by | May 4, 2020

Sales 101

Sales 101 begins with the concept of the Sales funnel, and suspects flowing through the funnel to become prospects and then closed customers.  The current environment where everyone is working from home and trying to stay in touch with friends over Skype or Zoom has put a lid on many funnels because there simply isn’t an opportunity to meet new prospects.

Rather than fill the Sales funnel with just the sales team’s contacts, what if your company empowered all of your employees to attract customers?  

Employee Advocacy

The best way to accomplish this is by adopting an Employee Advocacy program.  An Employee Advocacy strategy can solve these problems now, and continue to grow your business after the crisis has passed.  

Your hidden salesforce (your employees) is already active on social media. 98% of them have at least one personal social media network they’re already using and 50% already use those networks to post about their employers.  When you train them how to post professionally and  explain to them why they should post,  they will help you fill the sales funnel with earned posts that are more valuable than money can buy.

Social media isn’t going away and isn’t something your business can ignore..  Before COVID-19 led to stay home orders, your employees were spending a lot of time on social media. In fact, the average time spent on social media outside of work last year (2019) was 2 hours and 22 minutes per day.  It is too early to confirm statiscally, but these numbers have certainly increased while everyone is housebound.

The Solution

So, if you want to make sure that you’re still able to fill your sales funnel while your salespeople are stuck at home and meeting people face-to-face the traditional way is no longer an option. 

Let Echo70 help you create a personalized Employee Advocacy solution to fill your sales funnel and ensure that you keep the customers you have as well as expand your reach to develop relationships with potential customers to grow your business both during stay at home orders and after once some degree of “normal” returns.

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