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Leveraging Employee Advocacy to Grow Your Business

Expand Your Reach Using Employees' Social Media Networks
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“Brand messages shared by employees on social media earn 561% more reach than the same messages shared on the brand’s social media channels – and 8 times more engagement.”

Forbes, 2018


What is a Digital Engagement Policy?

A Digital Engagement Policy (DEP) establishes how an organization and its employees should conduct themselves online.

Why Your Business Needs One

Reduce Confusion About Legal Issues

The FTC, the NLRA and copyright laws all impact your company’s digital activities.  Having a DEP ensures that you and your employees understand what is and isn’t permissible, and reminds them what to do when they are unsure. 

Protect Your Reputation & Raise Brand Awareness

A  DEP helps employees reflect organizational values through their online behavior and spells out what is and is not appropriate for employees to post about their company. 

Define Safe & Professional Online Engagement

Employees need to understand where the guideposts are when it comes to representing your business online.  A DEP establishes what’s private or confidential and shouldn’t be shared, who is permitted to speak on behalf of the company, and your company’s expectations regarding professional online behavior.

What is an Employee Advocacy Program?

Simply put, Employee Advocacy is the promotion of a company’s message by its employees.

How an Employee Advocacy Program Helps Your Business


Training & empowering your employees to share your content leads to 8x more engagement with that content. Brand messages reach 561% further than they would by only using company brand channels for promotion.  Employee advocacy programs cost 1/10 of paid advertising and drive 4x the brand lift, and 7x lead conversion.


Employee advocacy programs can drive 16% better win rates, expand your sales pipeline, and deliver 48% larger deals.  In addition, 83% of Americans say that conversion is more likely when they have a relationship with the person who recommends a service or product. 


Candidates referred by an existing employee are 5x more likely to be hired than those found by recruiters — for a fraction of the price! Your current employees are hidden recruiters highlighted by the fact that 76% of people say they trust content shared by “normal” people vs. content shared by brands. 


Since at least 33% of employees post content about their employer already, it’s in your best interest to create guidelines that not only protect your company’s reputation online, but empower your employees, after training, to safely share with their networks on your behalf.


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